Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Between Tornadoes and Traveling...

...I made this book--
I consider it quite an accomplishment. As the title of this post suggests, avoiding tornadoes and traveling have been on the agenda lately.

I've gotten an amazing amount of work done (ten orders out the door yesterday!) despite taking a full day off last Thursday to sit near the downstairs closet with my preschooler and elderly dog, listening to the weather radio blast warning after warning. I wasn't sure whether to work on my orders, or prepare an email stating my studio has been blown away and I will be refunding your money, so sorry.

That was not a good day for many folks across the South. We were very fortunate to have the tornadoes avoid our area. I hope the tornadoes stay away for the rest of the season!

Andrew Jackson's tomb, The Hermitage, TN

A few weeks ago there was another string of tornado-spawning storms and I had the experience of flying through them on our way back from visiting Nashville TN. I get motion sick anyway, but that lovely experience took it to a whole new level for me. It didn't help that my little son was sitting next to me bouncing in his seat with glee, "Momma threw up!! Oooh, lemme see, lemme see!" Ugh.

Enough of that, now for pleasant memories from our trip...

 Red columbine in the Hermitage garden

Looking down on the city at dusk

It was nice to get away but I'm ready to stay home for a while! Maybe next time I'll take the train.