Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Unfinished Project Now Finished!

I have been working on cleaning out my "art attic" which will probably be an ongoing project since I can only devote segments of my time to it. I have filled two trash bags and have thus cleared out two storage tubs full of bottles, jars, boxes, and miscellaneous junk.

It is amazing how quickly I forget what I have stashed away and what intentions I had for the items in question. If you were to be in the room with me as I open a storage tub you would likely hear me muttering, "What is this?" and "Why did I keep it?"

A lot of items went either to the thrift store or the trash. Some were put back into the containers for another day. A few items I pulled out and declared I would do something with it NOW. And so I did, I am pleased to report!

Here is one of my projects--


This is a very elegant, high end chocolate box which I saved for some unknown purpose. I guess I just thought it was too nice to throw away.


I layered a piece of decorative gold toile paper (leftover from one of my guest books) on gold card stock and pasted it over the logo. Pretty simple, but lovely!

Here is the guest book made from that same paper--