Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dare to Wreck This Journal!

I came across a book by Keri Smith called "Wreck This Journal". In it she encourages artists to explore and be fearless of mistakes.
photo of wreck this journal by Keri Smith
When I first started keeping an art journal I was afraid of "messing it up". I overthought my pages and found it paralyzed my creativity. I overcame that fear when I actually did mess up a page by dropping an inked stamp. It landed where I didn't want it, of course. I faced the challenge of trying to "fix" the mistake.
art journal page with caterpillar illustration
Once these random mistakes happened a few times (dripping paint unintentionally, misspelling a word, etc.) I became more confident in my ability to roll with it. In the page above, I misspelled "when" (how do you do that, right??!) so I just painted over the area. The ink beneath still shows through a little, but I've learned to tell myself it's okay!handmade art journal fabric with button and elastic closure
So my challenge to you is dare to wreck this journal! 
You can find it in my shop here.
inside of handmade art journal

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